• A sweet update on our short movie

    Reading this Facebook post from our filmmaker, Justin Lange, only deepens how lucky we feel to be working with him.

    A few weeks ago, my dear friend Phillip L Patterson asked me to make a film. Yesterday, the AP offered this clip-worthy summary of his story: inspired by his partner Mohammed, he is copying every word of the King James Bible in long-hand.
    Yet the essence of his project--of what he has come to know, and of what he has come to know nothing--is so coarsely cooked down in the article. Now that the totality of the project has been covered (suddenly and unexpectedly) by international news, in the small miracle of finishing a short film between now and Saturday, I hope to share some of the small truths of his work and love, as I see it. What else can I do? He found the totality of God nearly untouchable by years of careful study. Perhaps I can let the idea of capturing the totality of anything --the story, included --and find some truth that is worth saying.