• Presentation at Reed College

    The students of the Calligraphy Scriptorium* at Reed College were a great audience for tonight's brief presentation about our project. A 15 minute talk with a slideshow of 35 photos gave an overview of the project with a special focus on Phillip's handwriting, process, and materials. Afterwards, students could come up to look more closely at some of the discard pages, photographs, and project ephemera. 

    The teacher, Gregory McNaughton, included this in the weekly email to Scriptorium students:

    For the past three weeks we have been practicing our Carolingian minuscule with a close study of the Moutier Grandval Bible. Last Thursday, Laura Glazer showed me some of her photographs of a contemporary handwritten Bible and I asked her to share the story with all of us. So, tomorrow night we will begin with a presentation from Laura after which we will continue to work on our Carolingian minuscule.

    As in so many situations, I wish Phillip could've been there. They asked incredible questions, many of which only he can answer. (I did my best but he could've really nailed it!)

    * Scriptorium is a room set apart for writing, especially one in a monastery where manuscripts were copied.